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DrinkEmUp - The World's Best Drinking Game

The World's Best Drinking Game!

Drink 'Em Up is the simple to play and hilarious card game that will give you and your friends a night to remember (or possibly forget depending on how much you drink)!

The perfect party game for adults, college and university students of all ages (well, legal drinking ages). It's so easy to play even that one friend who struggles to stand after they've had a few beers will manage it.

Drink 'Em Up can be played anytime, anywhere (including offline) with a minimum of just 2 players all the way up to a party-full of you. So seize the moment, apologize to that liver of yours, and get playing Drink 'Em Up tonight!

  • ✅ Stylish bar style theme
  • ✅ Easy to play: Each turn you either pass, drink, or create a rule
  • ✅ Forfeits for rule breakers and sinners!
  • ✅ Rule Keeper: Tracks rules so your intoxicated brain doesn't need to
  • ✅ Free version includes 5 rules from our Classic rule pack.
  • ✅ Over 65 rules and forfeits available through additional game packs (studies show these packs make the game 269% more enjoyable*)

What do you mean you haven't got it yet?! Why are you still reading?! Nobody reads this far! Stop messing about, click on that download button and start playing...unless you're operating heavy machinery, then perhaps wait.

*all studies are entirely fictional


Naturally we recommend you drink and act responsibly. Don't be that drunk guy, who know the type, no-one likes that person and especially not your family. If you're not of legal drinking age, don't worry, the game is still fun using non-alcoholic drinks (obviously less fun though, there is a reason alcohol is so popular).

Firestorm Apps are not responsible or liable for any action(s) you perform whilst playing or as a result of playing Drink 'Em Up. You fool.

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