About Us

Imagined during an uninspiring day in September 2013, Firestorm Apps Ltd is the brainchild of Craig Beswick and Jon Shehan. A British based app developer that focuses on making the fun, frugal and fascinating - which one depends on which day of the week you catch us! We love conceiving and creating new ideas and hope you enjoy our apps.

Who we are

Craig Beswick

Hey, I'm a co-founder at Firestorm Apps Ltd and am responsible for the software and coding. I love solving the creative problems that developing our apps brings to make sure that our apps are awesome.

A certified master of the universe mathematics and a proud Northerner. In my free time I enjoy binge watching tv box sets, trying to be a cinephile, and attempting to not spend too much on Lego Dimension figures...

Email Craig using craig@firestormapps.co.uk

Jon Shehan

Hi there, I'm co-founder at Firestorm Apps Ltd and strive to create amazing apps inspired by my attention-deprived daydreams. I'm largely responsible for the design, graphics and making a mean coffee.

Originally from Portsmouth, UK and as a graduate in Business Economics the move to art and design was clearly a natural one. My hobbies include playing the guitar, attempting to keep fit and being shamelessly addicted to The Witcher 3 and Gwent.

Email Jon using jon@firestormapps.co.uk

Firestorm Apps Limited. Registered in England No. 9772439. Registered Office: 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH